10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I ♥ to be busyI just like it. Plus I constantly need to challenge myself with different projects and plans. It’s just me :)

2. I hate butter, margarine and Mayo. If I will have to sit next to the open butter box I will make sure it will be covered and stay 3 m away from my sight. 

3. I will never touch main course when sauce is made of cream. Like Stroganoff pasta with cream for instance, no hearings in cream, no cream on pancakes. No cream. Period.

4. I ♥ Charity Shops with clothes. You can get such bargains for really lovely clothes. And I mean REALLY LOVELY clothes.

5. I know nothing about music, but I ♥ to listen to music :-)

6. I ♥ to sleep! Period.

7. I admire powerful woman. 

8. I ♥ to start my day with espresso. I am not a breakfast person. I can have something bigger than a biscuit only 2 hours from the moment I open my eyes.

9. I can’t stand people biting their nails and sometimes even fingers. Even if I barely know the person I always say: Bom Apetit! 

10. I like to talk about subjects such as money and investments.

There is one more thing I though I might add ;)

10 + 1. My sight can kill. Over the years all those fully situations build up about my sight. Once I feel I like something less that’s it ;) 

your turn :)

Now I challenge you to write “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me”. Author of the best comment – if any ;) wins 1 session of latin/ballroom private dance class with me (offer for 2 people/couple). Class free of charge!

So let the fun begin :-)

P.S. Feel free to send a link of this post to someone you know who may enjoy dance classes!


2 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. It’s not so bad with me – I was sure of 5 things- the last one is the best:) But dear guests – don’t worry, it’s only her sight , the heart is lovely:)

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