Happy Friday & Happy Running

Good morning and happy Friday!

I am happy to say that my marathon training is getting better and better. I needed to alternate  my running schedule to make it fully working for me. There are basically 2 main changes.

  1. There are more work-home running routes, which save me a lot of time! Plus I can’t say no to running getting back home.
  2. I switched my longest run from Sunday to Saturday. Now I can fully enjoy my Sunday and make other plans. In case I feel like running I can go for a quick 5 miles run.

If you are training for a marathon and would like to follow professional training schedule, don’t hesitate to implement few amendments. Find out what best works for you!

Let me first come back to Wednesday.


I had a half of dougnut shape roll with peanut butter, a handful of Greek yoghurt with honey and an orange. Plus black coffee.

yummy breakfast

After 2 hours I had a banana  as a snack. That kept me going for another 3-hours with another coffee – this time white. I managed to fit 25 min sauna session in my lunch-break. Then I was absolutely starving and I felt like….



Next some more work and around 5 pm I started preparing myself mentally for 7 miles run. One hour before getting my trainers on I fuelled myself with  a second half of a doughnut shape roll and peanut butter.

7:00 pm, work-home running route

Wed run

It was my most pleasurable run so far. If not because of the darkness I would run for another hour. The positive experience I would say, was down to my training but moreover to good nutrition. It felt so right I would run whole marathon distance ;)

Straight after my run I had a refuel cold drink – 2 tsp of cocoa mixed with organic soya milk. 

refuel soya milk shake


My day off :) Surprisingly I woke up 8:45 am! I had no breakfast, only white coffee and by 9:30 I was outside already preparing myself for easy 5 miles. Now, it was not easy at all. First of all, because I had no breakfast. Second of all I don’t really fancy morning running…:/ On the other had weather was so lovely it would be a crime not to go outside for some workout. Spring had arrived to London! It was 16ºC!!! 

Thursday morning run

Straight after my run I ate orange – within 30 min from arriving home.

By 11:00 am I was ready to enjoy the rest of the day. For lunch I made lovely soup with onion, beetroot, carrots and a bit of pasta! 

are you trying to tell me that I cooked this lovely soup?

After my lunch I had a power nap. Who doesn’t love naps?  However I just notices that the more I run and the better nutrition I feed my body the less naps I need.

Rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Finaly I got my clothes delivery so I was more than happy to see my wardrobe slowly re-vamping:)

revamping my wardrobe

Today Friday, I am scheduled today for my 5 miles run :)  

Saturday this week is going to be my longest run ever! Wish me luck :-)

Sunday I have an interesting even coming up, so stay tuned!!!

Any workout or home-cooking plans for you this weekend?


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