Spring Coming To London :)

The weather in London is just so lovely. Sun is shining and spring is just around the corner :)

spring is on its way :)

It’s so lovely to go running when it’s so sunny. Yuuupiiiii

Yesterday, there was another work-home run. I felt so lazy, heh ;) I took it slowly and I must say I really enjoy it. I was watching all people passing by, the landscape – it was so different from my usual runs, when I try to push myself….

taking it easy

After I got home, I had no motivation to cook dinner. You know one of those days when creativity is on its lowest ;) I quickly assembled…

…..cheddar, tomato and poached egg with some raw carrots.  On top of that I down soya milk  and cocoa smoothie and I was done as far as food was concerned.

Then, it came to chatting over the Skype with my friend from Poland :-) !!! So happy to stay in touch. We were working on some exciting project, which is not supposed to be disclosed…at least for now ;)

Plus I am having few more ideas to apply here on L.INC. that I can’t stop thinking about it ;) I guess…

highly addictive

( source )

Today I am running the longest distance so far: 16 miles. Tomorrow Sunday rest and some social life :))) I will definitely updates you on the run and the even we are about to attend on Sunday :)

For now I wish you a wonderful weekend full of sunlight:)


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