When You Hit The Wall

When you hit the wall…

you run of out of energy, which generally refers to running.

But yesterday…

i hit the wall, which applied to Everything.

upss ¹

So when I hit the wall and there is no hot chocolate in the world that could make me feel more alive I stick to two things:

  • if someone drive my nerves at work and I can’t shout  at that every moment (I don’t like to shout anyway) I write an e-mail saying what I really think . Then I never press send button ; as soon  as my e-mail is ready I save it in drafts, go to the luu, and read it again. Believe me that you would never send  it after  reading it for the second time.  Somehow I get my anger out of me, but it vanished in the air before it reaches hurts another person,
  • I stick to my best remedy: workout ; in my case it is running, but you can chose any discipline that serves you; running is like pressing the  restart button on me-myself

So after the hard day, I arrived home smiling like I had just won a lottery. Yes, I did! I just get rid of all the bad energy that was accumulating in my mind & body. Thanks to my easy 5 miles run and anger management technique ;) 
I won’t bore you with another of my running analysis. Instead some, hopefully ;) inspirational pictures: 




He’s just saying to me: what is this post all about? ;)

Let me know how do you manage when you “hit the wall”?
I wish you a lovely day everyone!
¹ ( source )

6 thoughts on “When You Hit The Wall

  1. What a good idea Dear Agata :)
    Take the anger out of your sistem without hurting others. You are really something!

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