March 2012

We are in March already! To say that time fly would be a significant understatement. Maybe due to various projects and other few things ongoing at the moment – I  see only weeks passing by. However I am not complaining ;)

Couple of last days were quite stressful, but seems like I woke up in March with some good news coming my way. Thu morning  was quite busy – with plenty of phone calls and things to be done ASAP. So what are those good news?

1. L.INC. has 40 fans on Facebook.


40 is still not a lot, but the community of readers is increasing. It definitely goes into right direction. It makes me feel really happy and motivates me to improve and adjust L.INC.’s content. I am so grateful for those of you who read and comment! One of my New Year’s  resolution is to keep the blog growing.

Like L.INC.’s Facebook page!

2. I have an exciting quest post in the pipeline for March!

little surprise

I won’t say a word…not yet ;) 

3. There is a lovely weekend away for me. 

weekend away

( source )

 I make sure you get the report :-)

4. Our Monthly Habit 03 is taking place this month as well. Read Monthy Habit 02  that took place in February.

03 2012

( source )

The place is pre-booked already. You will find the review on L.INC.  some time in the middle of the month. I hope I will be able to  recommend you another place worth seeing while staying in London.

5. Spring arrives :)


( source )

I am total sun-craving creature. By the way do you know that Sun is source of vit. D? Plus we change the time and move our clocks one hour forward. I can run in daylight! Yeeeeessss :) Plus spring cleaning. It’s a perfect  time of the year to de-clutter.

What about your plans for March’12?

♥ ♥ ♥


One thought on “March 2012

  1. Plans for March – hmm I’m afraid I need sun to be able to think it over:) I can’t stand this terrible weather… it makes me feel so sad, lazy etc. Sun, sun – where are you? I will catch you and won’t let you go:)

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