Break The Routine: A Day In Life

After my lovely Weekend Away (Getting Ready, Countryside, Treasures) I am back! Back to work and happily back to running. In my opinion everyone should get statutory Friday off every three months. I am a dreamer heh? ;)

Walking to the station in the morning I saw tangible evidence that spring is on the way:

spring on its way

Being a dreamer switched my imagination straight to…

Then I switched from dream-mode to reality-mode.

8:25 am espresso

8:27 am train

9:00 am work

1:00 pm lunch

6:45 pm late work arrangement

7:15 pm run 9 miles

8:45 pm arrive home

Possibly I haven’t discovered anything new, but majority of the day I spend at work. I am not sure if that’s promising taking into consideration the routine. I came across a great quote on The Coach Manager that 

“twenty years of experience” is really one year of experience repeated twenty times.”

Here’s how I try to break the routine and learn new things every day in order to have twenty years of different experience:

  • I set up L.INC. blog.  Step by step I get to know the whole world of social media and its rules. I see patterns and trends. I analyse L.INC. blog statistics. I educate myself,
  • I signed up for a marathon and I am training to finish full marathon in less than 4 hours,
  • I have only few basic TV channels. I would rather read than watch TV – not easy to be honest,
  • I create projects – whatever it is a room redecoration, weekend away, etc. I stick them to my agenda,
I must say that my techniques works as I am pretty happy creature :-)
Tell me about your day in a life? How do you break your routine? What are your tricks :) ?


4 thoughts on “Break The Routine: A Day In Life

  1. That´s so nice that you found ways to break the routine inside a regullar day, Agata!!!
    I am still on the process of fixing a routine for then breaking it! :)
    :) Ow I am loving the pics.. I am getting to the idea os being a visual person! haahha :)

    1. Hehehe, I am definitely on the visual side of things :)
      I am not perfect but I am trying to break the routine. There is one advantage of routine however – it helps you become master:)
      Training is a routine.
      Work is a routine.
      But it feels good to break it – sometimes ;)

      Let me know when you get your tricks to break the routine – I might join you :)

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