#Fashion: My Fashion Essentials

As much as I don’t feel like an expert when it comes to fashion, I can always share some tips and ideas that work for me. Today two wardrobe essentials that, in my opinion, will last long and serve the purpose which is to be wearable regardless of all-the-time changing fashion trends.

Leather jacket – Mango 

What I ♥ about leather jackets is that they are made of durable material. I bought this jacket around 2 years ago in Portugal, yet it looks like new. Leather garments aren’t the cheapest ones, but they last for long. You can find different kind of leather jackets from bomber jackets, biker jackets, blazers to classic zip jackets and coats. Depending on the style they can be quite elegant and classy. Therefore perfect for the so-called casual Friday at work for example.

Second essential piece of clothing: trousers

trousers – H&M

Let me first highlight that in general I am not a trousers fan. I am definitely a skirt & dress person. However I do think you should have some in your wardrobe. It might take you some time to find that ideal pair of trousers which at the same time will help to shape your silhouette. I do admit it took me some time;) As soon as I tried those dark blue ones I knew they were mine;)

I really like the way they shape the legs so I decided to get some more of the same ones – in different colours. 

They are not expensive – only £7.99 and are still available at H&M online store in 7 different colours:

They are quite classic so I take them as a base upon which I l build my outfit around – either more sporty or more elegant. Four basic colours are just enough for me, with the white one  falling into the pastel trend of the upcoming this summer. 

How about your perfect pair of trousers? Which brand suits you the best?

9 thoughts on “#Fashion: My Fashion Essentials

  1. I didn´t find my pair of trousers yet :( Need to go look for them!

    hey, I loved this pics, you are gorgeous !!

    1. Hi Mari,

      It took me some time so don’t worry and no rush :) It will come ;)
      It’s not me, it a photo – even more a perfect photographer!

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