Beyond Limits

I am happy to announce that my marathon training is going according to the plan. Here are all the runs from last week:

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 9.03 km

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 12.81 km

Friday – 9.03 km

Saturday – 25 km

My longest run so far : 25 km

The biggest challenge during the long run is not the energy shortage – it’s patience. There is only one friend – yourself. There is only one enemy – yourself. I embrace the opportunity to see what’s beyond the border – the limit of your own skills. I am pushed into the unknown therefore I witness the reaction of my body and mind in a way like I have never seen before. The more I challenge myself the more I learn. With every single run I build my endurance. It helps me to run – but only helps. What controls the run is my mind.

I felt quite strong during this 25 km and if I had to I would run more. What hold me back was a lack of patience. I was running for so long that I bet you have already cooked your lunch, ate it, visited your grandma and met your friends. You had constant external factors to entertain you, I had only myself. Great life lesson.

view run

IMG-20111023-01074 beyond limits

Plus your stomach is craving for good food! Don’t believe :)? 

When was the last time you get close to your limits?


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