Mileage by Months

Hellooooo :)

I know that recently I have been all about running and marathon training. I am just so happy about it that it’s usually the first thing I want to write about :) I try not to dwell about it too much, so here they come: posts with no running related subjects: my fashion essentials and routine. Let me start by the latter one.

Although I don’t really like the routine there is something magical about it: it will make you a master. If not for the routine I would not be able to get faster, better, happier and healthier. Yes, I do agree that too much of the same thing can be boring sometimes but it gives you the much needed training to escalate your goals. So here it is my running routine measured in km:

  • January: 107.52 km
  • February: 125.15 km
  • March: 55.94 km so far

I reached the mileage stated above by running on average 4 times a week – it works perfectly for me. 5 times would be too much (sometimes happens), 3 times wouldn’t be enough.

It really proves that success is : doing the same thing especially when you least feel like.

Now some fun:

On Wed morning on my way to work, as usual, I popped into Starbucks to get my espresso to find out that Starbucks is introducing a fair-trade extra shot for every coffee free of charge. Fine, another strategy to improve the product. 

Now this is interesting stuff. Starbucks wants to become friends with you, so they start calling you by your first name. The first questions they ask is about your name and not the coffee you want to order. On their web-site they claim that : in the end it is personal. They got me! 

As Carnaige states in his brilliant book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” (if you haven’t read it yet, it’s time) the sweetest sound in the world is the sound of your name – especially when it is from someone whom you did not expect to remember. Apparently one of the most powerful ways to build rapport with a person is to call him or her by their name right from the start. Well done Starbucks!

Now, I must admit that if I introduce myself to someone I am so focused on what I said that I did not even give myself a chance to hear their name…it’s time to improve!

Thursday was my day off work and off running. Total chill out, plus as I write (Thu evening) I am still tired and in need of proper sleep.

For the third time I tried to bake bread. This time everything went according to the recipe…last time there must have been something wrong with my oven…beg my pardon: not with my skills! ;) Ok, ok, I will get a cook – when I can afford ;) Meanwhile I will keep trying…

…to wear heels. I found such a lovely pair of shoes that I fell in love with them ;) Hope to post about it soon…

Have a lovely Friday Everyone!

P.S. I have 28 miles scheduled to run on Friday and Saturday. Wish me luck ;)


2 thoughts on “Mileage by Months

  1. Hey!! good morning dear!!
    Completely agree: routine makes you a master!!! When is something you really want to do it, feels so good!
    Good luck with your run,
    happy friday!!

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