Joie De Vivre

Here it comes: Mr Third-Attempt-Loaf-Of-Bread. I am actually thinking it’s cool to bake a bread. You know – nice smell slowly filling up the house. As much as I don’t eat bread (I try to avoid due to gluten, wheat and yeast intolerance) – I can always bake it – and then have an excuse to try. C’mon I needed to try ;)

Actually this post is really sad… I am getting older, I start baking bread. Sic! Crap! Holy Shyness… But you know what? I never felt better in life that I do at the moment…slowly approaching 30th bday;) Wait a sec, am I 28th or 29th or 27th? I honestly get lost;)


2012 – 1984 = 28, but as I was born in April I am still 27 ;)

It’s perfect time to have some fun :)

♥ ♥ ♥

Have a great Saturday!


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