When Body Says “NO” To Workout

Here’s the thing. I have been following my running routine quite successfully, but after these last 2 weeks my body just can’t get enough rest. Whenever I can catch up on some sleeping or fuel my body for long runs , that’s what I do. Nevertheless I still feel that I could have more energy. I think it’s time for 2-3 days break.

On Saturday I was ready to kick off my long run – 16.5 miles (27 km) and then suddenly I just had no energy: running the entire week, working and other arrangements took off as well. If a lack of energy catches me at some point before the run, I always try to assess if it is due to laziness or it’s my body telling me: “not this time darling”.

On Saturday the latter was true.

So, after work I rushed home, hanged around and did nothing. It did not seem right at all. I skipped my running and had no energy to focus on whatever on my to-do list. Since I started the marathon training, my energy levels raised considerably.  I got so used to it that one evening with no plans seemed very weird.

On Sunday afternoon, after indulging myself with 10 hours sleep, I nailed 27 km, 2 km more than a week before. After my previous long runs I hadn’t noticed any particular changes in my body apart from general tiredness. This time was absolutely different!!!

  • By the time I arrived home – terrible pain in my right knee. Just the idea of not running anymore due to injury put me down …
  • My muscles were a bit sore
  • I was walking like a toddler with a nappy trying to control her legs ;)


All morning and afternoon I still walked like a toddler. Some soreness eased after 20 min sauna and a little stretching. But I definitely felt those 27 km! I could not even be bothered to smile. Here’s the only one I made for the blog purposes…

I will keep myself off running on Tue and Wed and do some stretching instead.

If you are asking: Am I getting tired of running? No. My body however does. I would love to implement some more Yoga, but time shortage does not make it so easy.

I won’t stop now as marathon day is just 42 days away. I still ♥ running. Just my engine needs a little upgrade…

Speaking about the upgrade I can say that my wardrobe is getting more and more colourful. I start playing with fashion. Here are my Monday’s colours…

After busy day with at least one coffee too much (I drunk 4!) I found myself in the kitchen…starving! I was so tempted to just grab whatever was ready and at hand, but the idea of having pizza for dinner won! Who wouldn’t like pizza ;)

Toppings included leek, parma ham and goats cheese. I served it with fresh salad to complement the heavy texture of pizza. You wonder if I did the pizza dough myself ? No way. I am still recovering from my first and so far my  last attempt to make pizza dough in 2011.

How was your Monday? 


4 thoughts on “When Body Says “NO” To Workout

  1. Agata! This is crazy! 27 km , I would be dead by now:)))!!! I am planning my 16 km today and I don’t know if I will survive!

    1. I remember my first 18 km – I was dying ;) It still proves that your body slowly adjust and unimaginable becomes reality;)
      My small piece of advice:make sure you have some water on you while running. It helped me big time ;)

      Let me know how the 16 km went:) Good Luck!!! xoxox

    1. Definitely! It makes me think how many things we are capable of, thus still hesitating to take actions.
      It scares me some times how successful we can be :)

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