4 Days Of Soreness


Unfortunately fortunately I chose to feel sore for 4 days after completing 27  last Sunday. I fully recovered only by Thursday.  Today after work I am back to hit the road again :) I fully embraced those 4 days off running. It was only Thursday that I felt my muscles were not sore any more. I am really looking forward to today’s run…happiness what I call it! 

I just wonder which marathon to sign up for after Milton Keynes? Any ideas?

If I have any runners reading l.inc. , what is that makes you run? Is that feeling after workout that you love or it is solely the experience of running?


4 thoughts on “4 Days Of Soreness

  1. Hey! Nice you recovered dear!! For me I enjoy the running period. A month ago I just stopped of listening any music, to fully enjoy the way. :)
    I also had problem with my knee because of last week, and still recovering, can wait to be able to run again.
    have a great return for the running!

    1. HI Mari,

      I don’t listen to music either. I did not know you have problem with your knee. I hope the pain will go forever, so we ran run together once I am there in Costa Nova:)

      1. I enjoy the run itself as well :-) Plus during the course of those 4 days I just realised how many benefits comes from running. At least in my case:)

  2. Hope your soreness has disappeared now! 4 days is a long time–I usually got whiny at 2 ;-). I always remind myself that soreness is a sign my muscles are building themselves up even stronger. Hitting 27 – you must be proud!

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