7-Days Green Smoothie Challenge

To all gorgeous  and sexy readers:)

I am happy to announce that I joined Peanut Butter Runner and Real Food Runner in a 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge :) The moment I read Jen’s post about the challenge I knew I am in! 

You ask why? Here’s the thing:

  • it will challenge me to actually do daily smoothies; I do admit I am missing  on this front a bit ;)
  • as springs officially arrived it is perfect timing for cleanse your body after the winter,
  • it’s a great way to get nourish your body with  superfood, like spirulina for example
  • eventually I aim to replace my morning espresso with a green monster!

Please feel free to still join me and a bunch of other sexy bloggers in Green Smoothie Challenge! Leave a comment on Jen’s blog and she will put your name on the list.

Here’s my mix from Day 1  Green Smoothie Challenge:

As Monday kicked off, I jumped out of bed wishing to have a bit more energy :/ I was reading until late on Sunday night, so my body was craving for those 5 min more ;) Green Monster was a perfect way to start a day!

Running to work, I saw this glimpse of sunlight and everything seems so much better. Nothing like an additional dose of vitamin D :)

Busy Monday – work-overloaded, but I can’t complain. I have my system to organise so-called “to-do” list finally in place. I am currently testing it and still adjusting as it goes, but it looks promising. As final test will pass I hope to blog about it a bit more.

Monday was no running zone. To be honest I planned to run back home after work, but after all I just did not feel like. Some days are better than others and Monday was a day my body said: can I please have a rest?

Tuesday run is a must as there is only 34 day left to the marathon! Yes I am running my first marathon on the 29th April 2012 – a full marathon.

Watch out my daily training challenges as running is contagious…

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13 thoughts on “7-Days Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. I made a crustless pumpkin pie the other day and forgot the sugar :( So to avoid throwing out a whole pie, I decided to blend some of it up in a smoothie. I thought it was good, but it was not a hit with the kids. Alas, I can just hear the comments about “pond scum” if I tried adding spinach… But it looks good to me. Wow–the marathon is getting close!

    1. Heheheheh – you could melt some honey and make a very sweet topping as a last result ;) I could imagine their faces if you add some spinach ;) Actually, unless you put a lot, you can’t really feel the taste of spinach.

      What you would feel is spirulina :/ That’s why I never exceed 1 tablespoon.

      Tell me about the marathon ;)!!!

    1. thank You for inspiring us all by your daily updates and great work you do through your blog!

      i am so exciting as well about the challenge, but now, as time is running out i am getting a bit nervous :/

    1. Thank you :)

      Just don’t add more than a table spoon for 2 glasses of smoothie as it has its strong taste. Try and let me know if you like it. best to but organic spirulina. Costs a bit, but I bet will last for some time:)

      1. So where would I find spirulina in a grocery store? I was able to find it in pill form but not as a powder. I even asked one of the employees and they thought I was crazy. I know grocery stores are different but just trying to figure out what aisle/section I should be looking in. Would it be with the spices? I might just have to try another store.

      2. I buy it from Holland&Barret – health store in UK.
        Look, if you can’t find the organic powder anywhere near you I could always sent yo to you. How does it sound?

  2. It looks tasty but spinach seems to be unexpected guest in the company of fruits ;) I may be wrong so I’ll try to do this smoothie to be sure how it is. Till then I’ll stay by my red strawberry smoothies:)

    1. Heh, unless you add too much spinach, you won’t feel the actual taste.

      Try and let me know :) Then you will have to convince me to your red monsters :)

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