Day 2 of 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Welcome to the Day 2 of 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge :)

After not feeling my best on Monday I decided my body needed some good fats. Avocado falls into the category of  “green challenge” and it’s a great source of mono-saturated fats = good fats, so it was not a bad idea to include it in my green monster number 2 . Also, due to my food intolerance I  sometimes use avocado as a base for a chocolate mouse since cream is not an option for me.

To sweeten things up I added 1/2 mango.

After I tasted it, possibly because of the creamy texture of avocado, I had to add a freshly squeezed lemon juice. It turned out to be a perfect combination :) 

In case you would like try it here are all ingredients:

Please do not forget to add a bit of lemon juice and sugar/Agave nectar if you have a sweet tooth…

I have to add that I am getting a lot of new ideas for new ingredients for my green monsters by simply reading blogs of all the participants of 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge! Great inspiration :)

Getting back to my marathon training. I skipped Monday run in favour of giving my body a proper rest. I must admit that it was the right decision! Tuesday after work I felt so much better, ready and happy to get out there and run. I pushed myself and did 10 km in 55 min. Not the score I wished for but I won’t cry ;) I really enjoyed this run and felt great afterwards.

Wednesday I am planning to embark on ~ 20 km run and then off to meet my friend :) 

Anything exciting happening on your Wednesday? Any workouts?


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