Day 3 of 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Time flies and we are already in Day 3 of our challenge. Today I went for a pint of smoothie :)  Here’s what’s in the mix:

Extra-Green as I added kiwi . Plus this organic pears from Abel and Cole I have received on Tue are so tasty; the smoothie was fantastic!

To every single monster I add spirulina. You might wonder what it is so I found some info for you:

Spirulina – Spirulina is a cultivated micro-algae which has been consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous people in Mexico and Africa. It is one of the highest known protein sources on Earth and contains 70% complete protein, towering over steak which consists of only 25% protein once cooked. Studies have shown that spirulina can help control blood sugar levels and cravings thus making it a key food for diabetics, and can be used to assist in weight loss and as a general nutritional supplement.

Adding it to your smoothie it’s a perfect way to sneak some more proteins into your diet. I love to have a protein breakfast, but trying to avoid Cow’s products and eggs makes it really difficult for me. Therefore I am glad I discovered spirulina. 

There is another trick spirulina does. It lowers your cravings. Before I ever read about it I have realised it myself. Now, it might be a good thing when you experience some fast-food cravings, but do not add it to food thinking that it will make you skip some meals. That would be stupidly dangerous. For your well-being you need a diversified diet!

Also, if you suffer from dairy intolerance or for some reason your diet eliminates the most common source of protein – buy yourself a box of powder spirulina!


Tuesday my delivery from Abel and Cole arrived with a yummy piece of beef.

I can’t explain how convenient are those weekly deliveries, as instead of spending one of my free afternoons shopping for food I do something else – I save some much time and hassle. On Sundays I make my coffee, sit down on the sofa and chose whatever I wish to receive on Tuesday. I ♥ Abel & Cole! 

I quickly grilled a beautiful piece of steak.

Alongside the meat I grilled some mushroom and red peppers and add some raw food: avocado and tomato :) So satisfying and tasty!!!

Wednesday’s breakfast was a Extra-Green Monster followed by lunch some time after:

I grilled asparagus and melted goat’s cheese in the oven. I added quinoa, boiled broccoli, tomato, celery sticks and avocado. Sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper. Sooo good!

What’s on your plate recently? Does your diet change together with seasons?


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

  1. wow… beautifully arraged food <3!!
    I will try some green smothie and tell you later how it went!!

    1. I totally fell in love you green monsters :) I just had one for breakfast – yummyyy

      Let me know if you like it and what are your ingredients:)

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