Day 4 of 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

So Thursday was day 4 of our sexy challenge :)  I had Extra-Green Monster straight in the morning!

Green moster

It was a total rush day but I managed to get my monster done in the morning. I drunk it on the go and finish it at my desk. I felt so good after it I did not even need a coffee. I had my first one only by midday. Miracle ;)!!!

I must admit that I am properly hooked on green smoothies. Such a challenge gives me extra motivation to actually  make smoothies everyday. Even cleaning the blender does not seem like a trouble any more.

One of the reasons to have one green monster a day it’s the nutrition value it provides your body with. All products are raw so no minerals and vitamins vanishes in cooking process.

Alsofor those ones who don’t really like eating greens – it’s a great way to sneak them into your diet. Mixing avocado, spinach with pear & banana and adding any sort of milk (better to use organic one) will make you actually down the smoothie in seconds. Fruits provides sugar, so the bitter taste of any greens disappears in seconds.

As spring has already arrived and clothes being replaced for the summer ones , happy belly is what most people wish for. Green vegetables are full in fibre, which most people consume very small amount of. So in order to make your belly happy have one green monster a day and fibre acting like a sponge, will soak up the toxins in your digestive tract, especially in the colon, and eliminate them from the body. My belly is already happy :)

Adding spirulina to your smoothie will help you manage your cravings. For all those who wish to lose few pounds I definitely recommend green smoothie – but as a snack! I wouldn’t be so quick to replace your lunch or dinner with a smoothie. You also need bunch of other nutrients as well.

Tip: add cubes of ice to your smoothie. Great way to get a chilled drink during warmer spring days :)

I am having pretty busy weekend catching up with my social life and still squeezing my running routine. For this week I did 10 km on Tue and 8:50 km on Thu. Friday is a day off running and then Saturday and Sunday to finish – hopefully – with the longest run so far 29 km. Wish me luck and meanwhile have a smoothie ;) 

Happy Crazy Weekend!!!


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