Weekend Update

Welcome lovely Monday 

I must admit the recent craziness kept me away from blogging, but here I am again ;) Last days were passing by so quickly that writing a blog post seems like a fairly remote idea.

Here’s my weekend update:

Friday was girls evening out:)

Friday evening out :)

We headed to Fenchurch Lounge in Tower Bridge for some drinks and for dinner in the Double Tree by Hilton – Tower of London . Service was quite good but food unfortunately very average for such a high-profile place.  Our final conclusion: we won’t be coming back. 

Fenchurch Lounge

having fun :)

However as it is said: doesn’t matter when, matter with who…

…and indeed we had a great time laughing like crazy. Those girls are just incredibly funny. It was our Monthly Habit 03. Obviously it had to get down to some business at some point. So we got an idea to host one of out Monthly Habit meeting this year somewhere outside UK. I just hope it will materialise ;)


I kicked off my running quite early first thing in the morning. It was such a great weather, still a bit chilly but perfect for running. I really enjoyed that. The time when there is no people rushing to work and only few people walking their dogs out.

early morning workout

with great views

Then off to work. Yes I do work on Saturdays. Few excel spreadsheets later I was meeting other of my girlfriends for a little catch up. This time in Giraffe in Blackheath.


I had no idea why is that but last two Sundays I had such a headache I could not even focus on anything properly. Hanging around and brainstorming was this Sunday’s theme. No running :/

working at home

Green smoothie was a must. Sunday was the last day of our 7-Day green Smoothie Challenge, but I am definitely continuing having green monsters every day!!! I am also working on one project I don’t really want to disclose yet. What I can say is that I purchased a domain :) So let’s get down to some business!

How about your weekend? Anything exciting?


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