Being A “Project” Person

I want to live in a world where it is me who set the rules about my own life. I am ready to bear the responsibilities of my actions. It is because I have a visions and I am hungry for life. I love to create brands and web-sites. I would love to engage people and create a place called community. 

Besides I love to travel. I love the sun.

Moreover I love projects/goals. 

I have a  project-oriented personality. I need to see the end and I need to start from the beginning. Like creating a brand from scratch.

So I decided to choose an active approach over the passive one, roll up my sleeves and start.

However that means that fear is not an option. In the end it is  all about the fun, passion and determination :) Money comes as a by-product which, for me, does not have the importance on its own apart of providing  freedom of choice. 

So here are some of my projects:

  • Learn to build web-sites from scratch. I  ♥  creating web-site. I see if I’d get along with HTML. It’s like playing with maths. I love it!
  • Learn keyboarding/typing. It will save some time!
  • Start a business – I am currently working on it!
  • Create a platform (some time in 2012/2013) – have an idea but if you don’t mind I will let you know more details some time in the future
  • I am still running a marathon – 18 days left. I feel  terrified I am ready :)

I will be learning something new, I hope every day. I will be sharing my journey with you. All post will be marked under Learning Linc. category so you could easily follow me. 

Besides my learning journey I will still Do Workout and Eat Healthy to maintain my energy and body in an impeccable manner so I have the world of no distractions.

Plus I am planning to have fun :)!

And you? What about you? 


4 thoughts on “Being A “Project” Person

  1. It’s good to know there’s someone who doesn’t complain about life and put all ideas into action. It gives me energy as well. Let’s join and the result will be spectacular;)

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