Go Chinese!

One of the advantages of living in multicultural London is the availability of different cuisines. I love to try different food (as far as they don’t contain Mayo!) and as far as my taste is concerned I do Chinese food!

Having spend all Sunday Easter working, Monday Easter was just the opposite. We took a stroll and headed to Greenwich. Weather was not promising but fortunately we did not get cats and dogs. After window shopping we were starving. I spotted some Chinese  and we decided to give it a go (I know we should have had some more traditional on Monday Easter :/ )

We were considering watching Hunger Games in the cine or having Chinese. The latter won! I was happy as I could hear my stomach start playing some sort of hunger games.

We ended up in Tai Won Mein Noodle House.

In case you would like to try it yourself, here’s the address:

Tai Won Mein Noodle House
39-41 Greenwich Church Street
SE10 9BL
Green tea was a must…
Then it took me a good 5 min to choose the dish. I just felt like having a  soup and I rushed to choose one: Ho Fun in Soup translated in English means flat rice sticks (rice noodles)in soup with vegetables. I chose Kings Prawns with Ho Fun in Soup.
Then a must-add chilli. It gave the soup such a beautiful aroma that I did not leave a drop on the plate.
What I love about Chinese soups is that they are transparent. You can literally see it through. That’s the opposite of creamy soups which I never eat (my personal taste) Above all they are really tasty  especially with few drops of chilli.
My friend Emila is coming to visit me in May in London and I would definitely take her to Tai Won Mein! Get ready Emi ;)
Do you like Chinese cuisine? Hate-it or love-it? 

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