In Need of 48-Hours Day

Happy Tue!!! 

I must admit that I love blogging so much that I feel sad every single time I have no time to write and/or edit pictures. My last post was ages ago – last Friday. Yes, it is a long time for someone who opt to post at least every other day. That said, I am quite occupied with my list of projects – with one project in particular – yes it is business idea. 

My brain is at storm which equals brainstorming at every single minute of the day as thousands of ideas are coming into my mind. Some problems challenges make me feel anxious and I won’t drop it until I find the right way or the way around it (I don’t mean cheating!) 

As every business idea it also involves budgeting and investing. With time ticking – especially in my mind  as there is no deadline imposed on me – I wish to have 48 hours day so I could fit everything perfectly. I know – such a utopia does not exist ;)

Plus it is freezing outside again!

So that’s new stuff happening, but I keep on going with: green smoothies, good food, running (I cut down some mileage due to upcoming marathon) and I am looking forward to the big day 29th April 2012! My first full-marathon ever :-)

Who else believe day should be 48-hours :)?


3 thoughts on “In Need of 48-Hours Day

  1. It’s true that at least 10 hours more would be useful. I like going sleep very late so I could go to bed about 5 am and then sleep till 3 p.m – excellent! There’s just one problem – the shops and offices should be open 24 hours- an idea for new bussiness…

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