It Is Scary !

It Is Scary How Much You Can Achieve In Your Life. I mean it!

I do believe that the power of affirmations, positive thinking and real belief in dreams can make it all happen. Why? Because I have seen evidence and I am seeing it today, as I write. There are however two conditions: the belief has to be embedded deep inside your mindset and it has to be unconditional. No matter what conditions you are in, how many things you wish would take a different direction, you need to truly believe that your life has a greater purpose and that you will get there – wherever you want to go, whoever you want to become. You shall remember that it is YOU who write the script of your life, regardless of your current situation – whether good or bad.

I remember sitting on the beach in Alicante in Spain with one of my best friends discussing our dreams and the path to run the world! It was some time in the Summer of 2005. In February 2006 we set up a business and launch dance school. Although our path got separated as I immigrated to UK, my business partner just celebrated the 6th anniversary of the school this year. I still remember that beach and our talk back in 2005. We had the guts to dream big and it did happen. We got what we asked for.

I remember a friend of mine who, being 29years old at that time, decided to go to the university and get a degree. If you think about it, it is a brave thing to do. But he craved for knowledge. Well before entering the university I remember seeing him with a paper every day ,commenting on current affairs, discussing disadvantages of capitalism and system limitations. He asked for knowledge and he got it. He got what he asked for.

I also remember another day. It was a sunny afternoon some time in May 2011. I drove with a friend of mine to central London as she wanted to show me her last investment, and I wanted to see it!  A nicely refurbished flat in a great location and more importantly, a positive cash flow every single month. As we drove away she told me: Agatha it is all happening how I had had it imagined. I always wanted to invest in real estate. And now it is all happening, it’s all materialising. Then she went with me through a short story of her life – how she always imagined what she wanted from life. In the end she got what she asked for.


Now there is something else.

Although those three people I just introduced you to have a different story to tell they have also something in common. They doubt Their journey wasn’t and isn’t as easy as it seems. I speak to them on a regular basis and they have mixed feelings, from disappointment and fear when a business partner decides to withdraw, self-doubting and fear of failure when a big essay is due, to , finally, unpredictable consequences of interest rate rising too much and/or the new investment project felling through.

What also characterises them is the willingness to take failure on board, learn from it and move on. They have their constant little talk with themselves – will it work this time or not? What am I in charge of and what is out of my circle of influence?  They stay focused.

They work hard. I mean it! However they also work smart. From structuring the next publication in an impeccable way that was developed over the course of years, analysing pros and cons of a next investment, to developing a new product. A lot of times they are juggling between private and professional life, struggling to find time to re-write that next paragraph or finding out the best business structure for next project.

But they have the inner urge to dream and to progress.

They get what they ask act for.

As a result, they get what they wish for !


11 thoughts on “It Is Scary !

    1. My pleasure :) I am really glad you like it! At some point I thought no one would read it ;)

      Thank you for your comment Tracie!
      Let’s run the world :-)

      1. At some point I start thinking that if you have a dream but you don’t pursue it – it is not your real dream?! Anyone agree?

      2. Thank you Tracie! To be honest I got some motivation from all your posts. It is a first such a post of mine :) I hope to get some more down the pipeline ;)

        Plus it is really what I believe in :)!

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