Green Monster Vs. Coffee

We all have different habits which once embedded in our daily life are really difficult to change. I once suggested to myself that maybe it is a good idea to have a green monster smoothie instead of a coffee in the morning. However I miss the early dose of caffeine.

So I am going it have my green monster every other day. Balance, right?

Once I entered the Green Smoothie Challenge I fell in ♥ playing with ingredients and making all possible combinations of green monsters.

Here is a quarter of melon, pear, spirulina, Agave nectar with organic soya milk and few cubs of ice. 

When having a smoothie in the morning seems like a compromise, there is a time when I crave a green monster like there is no tomorrow;) –  after running session. To enable the recovery of muscle tissue I add spirulina – a great source of protein! It makes a perfect combination. However I don’t recommend adding too much spirulina as it tastes like a seaweed :/ ;)

To sum up my Monday: it was the longest day I could have imagined. Hour by hour, minute by minute…no end on the horizon.

When I got back home the dinner was ready. Such a blessing for my singing stomach.

Dinner was a  guilt-head brim fish with salad and potatoes. I was so hungry that I literally swallow the first few bits :/ and then I realised that the food is not running away from my table. I sighed and peacefully enjoy and the rest of my dinner.

Also, I recently I got in a bad habit of falling asleep after midnight. As a result I don’t get enough of sleep…. But how do you force yourself to sleep unplug yourself? As I write it is 23:44 pm and I need to get ready for tomorrow. Hmm so where’s my running suit?!!!

Ah and tomorrow’s Abel&Cole’s delivery. Waiting for yummy fruits and veg!

How was your Monday?


2 thoughts on “Green Monster Vs. Coffee

    1. You are the best supporter of mine! Thank you so much Inger:) Weather forecast is not promising but even in the rain I try to make it!

      Thank you so much for your support once again! It make the whole running journey even more satisfying and humbling :)

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