#Fashion: How To Break the Outfit Routine?

The winner of the best outfit from my latest Outfit Inspiration is no.1!!! You quite liked it!

So, that’s the winner is:

and here are the other ones:

After the poll hit the virtual world  [like I’d have thousands of subscribers;)] one of my friend wrote to me:

Sometimes I would really like to re-vamp my wardrobe, but as soon as I came back from the shopping I realise I bought the same style clothes once again.

Oh yes I  experienced this  problem challenge too. Here is how I deal with it:

Before I head to the shop I do a research:

1. I visit pinterest.com for inspiration.  I scroll down until I found the one or few more outfits that catches my attention. Next: I always download the outfit I really like and store it in a Fashion folder on my desktop. I will have them all in one place. Once I am ready to hit shops I will remind myself of prospective purchases. If you are new to pinterest.com – simply visit the web-site and search outfit or fashion word, click enter and embark on your wardrobe re-vamp journey.

2. I visit main high street brands online: H&M (Great Britain), Mango etc. I do find plenty of inspiration there too. If I like something very much I can choose to buy online straight away or later on in the shop. I can always store the favourite outfit in my Fashion folder for future reference. Please bear in mind that the content of H&M online may vary according to the country you live in.

3. I buy from asos.com. This company delivers almost every where in the world – for free or with some slight additional charge if you need the perfect dress ASAP. I bought a bunch of lovely dresses from asos.com! What I like about asos.com is the video presentations available so you can literally see the dress moving.

4. I visit H&M online dressing room. It is a fantastic tool to put pieces of clothe together and see if it actually works. I got plenty of ideas simply by playing and dressing the virtual model. Meanwhile enjoying my coffee ;)

Here are other tricks to re-vamp your outfits :

  • Get rid of all old cardigans, jumpers etc that are suitable only for your grandmother. They just made you look awkward, old, gloomy and of no energy.
  • Get yourself good pair of jeans or skinny jeans. There is nothing worst that the old-fashion pair of trousers. Personally I can’t stand those.
  • Play with colours
  • Un-clutter your wardrobe by giving away all clothes you don’t wear and most importantly those that look average
  • Don’t wait to wear you best dress, the best blazer or your most-loved shoes on the special occasion. Life is short!

I understand that it is far more important what is “in your mind” compare to what is in your wardrobe – there is no doubt about it. However look well-groomed, smart and chic – your outfit will become your asset. Simply dress your best!

What are your tips when it comes to choosing new clothes?

6 thoughts on “#Fashion: How To Break the Outfit Routine?

  1. This is a great post. I went shopping the other day and spent a couple days all over pinterest checking out outfits for inspiration. Granted I bought more of what I always wear (jeans, and dressy tank tops) but I tried to brand out a little on color and shape.

    1. Thank you Whitney!

      You are right, playing with colour can make such a difference. I love colours and I really try avoid black – especially tops, unless it is for fitness purposes.

      Doing research save so much time! Did you ever consider buying something completely different from what you usually wear? Or you would not feel comfortable?

      1. I would consider wearing something different but I think someone else would need to be shopping with me and convince me it looks good. I’ll always pick the same thing if it’s just me hahah

  2. You gave good tips. I’ve never tried to analyse thing I wanted to buy but now I try to think everything over before shopping. I try to have things that let me create totally different combinations changing one detail. Besides I decided to show my positive things this summer (I’m nearly 30 so it’s high time to show legs:))) Oh, I Would forget about one thing: colours. As much as I love black I need more colours this year. I suppose it’s because of terrible winter. Dark colours made me feel depressed and I need to get more fun and positive feelings. That’s why I’m wearing now pink t-shirt with orange/violet picture like from cartoon:)))

  3. Very good tips – congratulations. The biggest problem is with special ocasions:) I need to be invited for parties more often to use my high heels and elegant dresses:)

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