1 Day To Go!

Good Morning Everyone!

Some of you know that for the last four months I have been preparing myself to run a marathon. A full marathon distance. I have never done it before so I  am a bit terrified! Pre-race stress! For the last few days I can’t really focus on anything else as the marathon is always on the back of my mind. 

I know how it is to run 32 km but 42.195 km? I will discover very soon as marathon is TOMORROW!

Also,  I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported me over the course of last 4 months. Your words of encouragement has been giving my even more energy and making me realise how many of you actually read my posts and follow my worse and better training days. I hope I won’t let you down!

Down to my meals:

Good morning espresso followed by home-made bread with peanut butter and banana. It is not visible but I also had a green tea with my breakfast. 

I am trying to load myself with carbohydrates as much as I can. I can honestly say I feel bloated! You know when you enter the room and the first to get in is your belly? That’s exactly how I feel now ;) I am also very sensitive to food so any major changes in my diet influence me to a big extent. I really don’t like the feeling but I know how much I would regret not having a proper “carbs load”. 

Here’s my late lunch. Brown noodles with mushrooms garlic and chilli oil. I am not a pasta person. Pasta is always the last choice eating wise. I cook it for others but I don’t really fancy it myself. That’s why I went for brown noodles – my favourite one . I had to choose something, right?

Dessert was a plain pineapple – super extra sweet ♥ ! 

My favourite ice cream was a must :-)

On Friday was my last running before the race. I had to test my new running shoes. I can say 7 out of 10! I had such a problem choosing the right size of the shoes and I ended up visiting the shop 3 times! I might understand  getting a bit fancy about shoes as your weekly mileage increase but I could not get the size right. First time they were too small, second time they were too big. I just wanted to run but instead of that I  ended up running to the shop to exchange them. I got to the point when I said to myself: c’mon girl, can’t you get your shoes right? It turned out that size depends on the brand, not every brand size 5 is the same. Simple nightmare. 

So on Friday I had the 3rd attempt to choose the trainers. I had a test run and can happily say: that’s it. 

In the future I will just visit Nike Town so they can analyse my running style and get me the best shoes ever!

Now wish me luck and I hope to get over to you some time on Sunday after the race!


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