My First Marathon: Milton Keynes 29th April 2012

First and foremost it was my birthday present I gave to myself :) But let me start from the beginning.

“At mile 20, I thought I was dead. At mile 22, I wished I was dead. At mile 24, I knew I was dead. At mile 26.2, I realized I had become too tough to kill.”

~ Unknown

6:00 am

Sunday morning the 29th April 2012.

Somehow I managed to crawl out of bed. It was raining cats and dogs. It should be called dirt marathon, due to the severe weather conditions.

8:10 am

We were already on the train to Milton Keynes. Luis booked tickets for Virgin pendolino train – so fast and comfortable.

During the journey I tried to keep my dreams alive and drew my attention to something else rather than the marathon.

Even the slightest thought about running in the rain made me go crazy. 

9:20 am

We arrived to the MK stadium. Literally I needed a few seconds to  feel my adrenalin release. We did not have a proper warm-up – such as 3 miles run, but I was happily following Luis’ warm–up routine.

We were in a blue zone –which indicated that we aimed to finish under 4 hours. How naive we were…


We started running together and then some time after the 5th mile we got separated. The difference between us was that Luis was not training before the marathon. Thanks to the fact that he is a fit person in general with a strong sports background, I did not need to worry a lot. 

Everything seems to be running fine until the half mark. Even the rain wasn’t as bad as during the other half of the marathon. As soon as I pasted the 13th mile that was it.

My joints, my ankles, knees and hips were in constant pain. As soon as my feet hit the ground the pain hit my body. I was absolutely fine considering muscles and cardiovascular fitness overall. It was kind of a strange pain I have never experienced before.

Then after the half mark the real journey started.

  1. The more pain I felt the more angry I got. The angrier I became the more difficult it was to keep running. Then I made a peace with the pain and just accepted it. It got a little easier to keep moving.
  2. The closer to the finish line the longer miles seemed to be. Period
  3. Running down the hill was causing such a pain; for the first time in my life I fell in love with running up the hill (though anyway!). As soon as you start getting down the hill the gravity just pushes you to go faster. However that does not go well with your joints and the moment you lose the battle with gravity it is a nightmare.
  4. After 20th mile my eyes got wet. It is a constant battle between your mind and your body.
  5. I lost patience after the 21st mile. I knew I was getting closer and closer to the finish line, but still 5.5 mile to go. It seemed like ages.
  6. I loved the crowds cheering as soon as we pass by them. If not for their enthusiasm I am not sure I would finish. They provided us with water, energy drinks and jellies.
  7. The finishing line was inside the beautiful MK stadium. The moment I enter the stadium and see all the people I couldn’t stop smiling.
  8. For me the worse to deal with  was the rain and a strong cold wind. I found myself shivering at the finish line.

“Complains’ disappeared with the moment I crossed the finish line! YES IT WAS MY DREAM TO RUN A MARATHoN AND I DID IT! 

WE DID IT :)))

Now, what happened next I will leave for another post :) We had some physical difficulties to get home to say the least;) 
Monday was a rest day. Plus a lovely dinner to celebrate the marathon :) We went to Ristorante Carola . Such a lovely place and food at its best!
Freshly squizzed orange juice – my body craved some vitamins so my appetitive stayed natural and organic.
Eventually it was a time to chase up my appetite…
Then it got a bit more spiritual :)
For main course I had a fantastic grilled seabass
Alongside with my favourite garlic spinach and grilled veg. No butter for me as it doesn’t get along with my food intolerance. Overall I would recommend you to replace butter with olive oil. 
That’s pretty much of my last two days.
Now, I am planning and choosing my next marathon. Luis said he will go with me…to take pictures. He prefers half-marathons or better still, he prefers to go fishing!
Anyone else run a marathon this weekend?
Or maybe you are considering running your firsth marathon?
Let me know if there is a full marathon in your city, I might jump on the plane:)

9 thoughts on “My First Marathon: Milton Keynes 29th April 2012

  1. Dear Agata,
    I am so proud of you and Luis! You guys rock :) Congratulations!!!
    And you look gorgeous in white.
    Many kisses,

  2. Well done! You finished in great time despite the severe conditions. Luis also!!
    I’m so impressed plus yes you look gorgeous in white!! Agata you motivated me, when I gave birth to Hania I will set myself similar goal to be focus to get back to my pre pregnancy body :)))

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