Time to Organise & Redecorate!

I am stopping by to wish you all Happy Friday!

It has been a hectic week for me considering marathon recovery and other projects which are happening. I could not ask for more than a Monday Bank Holiday! There is will be action-redecoration happening in my place plus The Monthly Habit 05 is taking place today ;) I am  in such a rush I did not even have time to try the Cocoa-Almond Quinoa Cake I baked last night! 

I am really waiting for some down time to get my life eventually organised. You know –  ironing, cleaning, reorganising space around me and eventually tackling my papers – drawers full of papers and documents I no longer need. Anyone has a similar problem ;)?

Let’s kick off the weekend!!!!

Here’s are few ideas to organise my books:

I think this one the best :)

Any plans for your weekend? Workout? Shout it out below in comments – I might get some ideas from you! 


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