#Fashion: Ideas For Weekend: “Bill Cunningham”

Happy long weekend to everyone in England! I had an amazing evening out yesterday which I will definitely cover in one of the upcoming posts. I also had a proper sleep today so I am feeling on top of the world. A lovely breakfast –  Cocoa-Almond Quinoa Cake with maple&honey sauce with a black coffee made a beautiful start of the day. I will post the recipe any time soon as it is simply too good not to share it with you.

As I said yesterday I start action redecoration today in my place, but I still hope to sneak one sauna session and running into my day! It will be the-really-easy run – my first post marathon run. I am pretty busy but in case rain keeps you at home this weekend, here’s my little suggestion:

Whatever you love or you hate fashion – I really recommend you watch Bill Cunningham movie by Richard Press. Bill Cunningham works as a fashion photographer for The New York Times. His unconventional lifestyle together with the passion for what he does make such a great story to watch.

( source )

Cunningham documents street’s fashion as well as high society events with the focus completely and solely on outfits. In his 80s he is a walking fashion encyclopaedia having had covered fashion since 50s.

What seems to be even more captivating than fashion is Bill Cunningham itself. He doesn’t care much about money. At some point he even refused to cash in his cheque as he said: you don’t get money, they can’t tell you what to do. His work is candid at its purest form. He simply   to work. Besides his passion there is not really much left what intrigues him. He lives in a tiny apartment in Carnegie Hall facing eviction; he doesn’t care much about what he eats.

On the flip side, it is his passion what feeds him every single day. Such a charismatic and at the same time humble person!

( source )

This movie is not about fashion.  It is about one’s endless love.  Love for one’s passion. Bill doesn’t need the “stuff”, the gadgets that we all buy. You easily notice the sparkle in his eyes as he works, this sparkle which is sometimes missing in our lives.

Great watch!

Did anyone see the movie already? Did you like it?

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