In The Heart Of Square Mile

On Friday evening I met the girls for our Monthly Habit no.4 meeting (see others MH01, MH02, MH03). This time we headed to Pause Bar next to The Gherkin – one of the landmark building of London.  When I say The Gherkin straight away two things come to my mind –  movie Basic Instinct 2 and Geraint Anderson’s book City Boy. The first one because the movie was shot in the building and the latter  because the book treats about the whole world of investment banking based exactly in Square Mile, City of London with The Gherkin being at its centre. 

Read Shazeb Mirza’s CityBoy review.

Girls surprised me with luggage of Bacardi drink. Now I know which kind of luggage I take with me for our weekend away in Portugal some time in October’12 :-) I have already forgot about my b-day  and there it came again :)

The best luggage I even drunk :) I wonder if would charge for the  extra weight ;) 

It is great  that we still continue to meet up once a month. We all have our full-time jobs, different commitment & time schedules, kids, gyms, marathons, partners ect. but somehow we manage to meet up once a month. Let me tell you something: I am lovin’ it!

Plus one of was got engaged, so we had all reasons to celebrate:)

I am looking forward to the next crazy chatty meeting – we always laugh so much!

Do you have time for yourself? How often do you go out with your friends?


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