Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking.

We all make choices. Every day, every morning, actually every seconds. Today’s choices shapes tomorrow’s life. So why do we have such a big issue with choices? Why it is so difficult to achieve what we want? Is there anything we can do to make to possible? Or the limitation of our ego-s won’t let us progress? What is that make some people successful and others miserable?

Upon making a choice in your life one should have an open mind to be able to embrace challenges:

Choice has its aftermath. You have chosen to become healthier and you wanted to give your body the respect it deserves. Great news! But with this choice comes a decision to give up processed food, sign up for yoga, and curb your temptation. With choice comes responsibility. The responsibility of actually implementing such choices.


The lack of strategic thinking.

We all want to stay healthy and in shape. We all want to find passion in our lives. We all want this and that. We all want our dreams to come true. Tell me one person who does not!  But we tend to choose short-term comfort over long-term happiness.  At this point I would say we luck a strategic thinking. 

Here are a trivial example:



Short –term comfort

Mess in my home office-> I have to tidy up now -> C’mon nothing big happen if I will do it tomorrow, I can watch a movie NOW -> Tomorrow’s shopping becomes a priority so I will get my office organised by Wednesday -> Wednesday turns to be a hard day at work, another court case I had to submit -> Arriving home after work feeling exhausted-> The only thing on your mind is: I am such a mess, there is mess at work there is mess at my office. This job is shit and I hate it all.


Long-term happiness

Mess in my home office -> Ok, let’s tidy NOW -> Two hours later all ready and tidy -> Good energy starts to flow -> Tomorrow’s shopping is a priority, but as I am done with the mess we can spend some times with Smiths as well-> Wednesday is a hard day at work – another court case you have to fight against-> Arriving home after work-> The only thing on my mind: Well another challenge to face at work, but it’s all good. I feel good, my home office looks impeccable so I can think clear and plan tomorrow’s day ahead. It’s time to run the world!


Above example uses ‘mess’ as a problem which one would like to get rid of. In reality it can be anything you wish to do, achieve or to get rid of. You can see that the decision to tidy/not to tidy happens at the beginning of those two courses of actions. That is why NOW is so important. 

  • Your choice of NOW determines THE FUTURE.
  • When GOOD ENERGY starts to flow you become invincible.

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