A Perfect Day :)

How lucky I am to have a fresh fish on my plate straight away  from the sea ! Luis went fishing on Monday and brought so many of them! Now we have a stock for at least 2 week if not for one month. He caught this beautiful one but put it back to the sea as we were not really sure how to cook it :)

He also caught a bass – one of our favourite fish! 

Luis did it in the oven topping it with prawns in white wine sauce.

The meat was so tender and all flavour complemented each other perfectly – I was enjoying it sooooo much! On top of that some Italian white wine. It was pretty damn good dinner:)

For a dessert we went to a restaurant – an espresso for me.

Later on we watched Young Adult. It was a long time since I had seen a movie. I would say 7 out of 10. 

Wednesday started pretty good. I woke up around 9 am. I welcomed my day with an e-mail I got from a friend of mine I miss so much! Then I just said silently to myself: “ok, this day will be awesome “. And for the first time since few month I wasn’t in a rush. I made myself a black coffee and had an Italian sweet. Seems like everything is Italian in this post ;)

I got ready at the slowest pace possible. It felt so good! I got my clothes ironed, make up in place, my bag ready and then I finally got hungry again. I can’t eat a full breakfast as soon as I wake up. I always have a breakfast 2 hours after raising. So here it is what I had:

A slice of cocoa-strawberry vegan cake I baked myself topped with soya yoghurt. The base for this cake is made from Quinoa so it is a good source of protein too.

At midday I had some other arrangements and meeting to attend. Everything went so smoothly.

You know when everything bad happens, it always happens at the same time? For me Wednesday was simply the opposite. Everything was perfect – from my good morning coffee & people I met. Even the bus had arrived 2 seconds after I turned up on the bus stop. Everything seemed perfect and that how it was :)

Dinner was perfect too! Goat’s cheese with grilled vegetables in tomato sauce. 

In the evening I met a friend of mine who had a birthday last Monday. And because we are always busy we did not catch up since my birthday so yesterday evening was time to exchange some gift. The above is a birthday card I received. So beautiful & so cute :)

I think those perfect days should happen more often. Following a famous quote  ‘you get what you wish for’ I am officially wishing for more days like yesterday:)

Do you believe in saying ‘you get what you wish for’ ?


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