The Importance of Dancing!

As weekend has arrived, I wanted to remind you about the importance of dancing. The importance of the energy release.

Go out there and dance :)

You can follow this routine in case you not really a dancer;) At some point in my life I though I knew how to dance but Luis beats me 100% !!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Dancing!

  1. Respect for Luis that allowed you to out this video here:))) I love his dance – it makes me laugh and that’s the best recomendation:) Can’t wait to see this in reality.

    1. Inger, my dance is really boring plus it is no w I think 8 years since I gave it up. But I do have some videos;) Hope to get it cut and post as a good reminder ;) How about your ballet ? When will I see your pictures or videos:)?

      1. I have actually thought I should do a picture–but not sure if I trust my kids to take it ;-) My class may do a picnic this summer–that could be an excuse for a post!

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