Silence After The Storm

Getting busy with training for the marathon was such a fun for me! I loved every single minute of the process, even if I sometimes loath it when exhaustions mixed itself with laziness. With hindsight I say training for a marathon was worth every single drop of my sweat ;) Here’s the recap of the marathon if you haven’t seen it yet.

However the silence after the storm has come. I find it quite ‘fascinating’

  1. The silence in running is happening. I would run more but due to the knee pain which cause was not identified yet I decided to retreat. I take the time off running. My conscious decision. If I would go for short-term decision to hit the road every day, my long-term happiness could be in doubt. I am waiting for the X-ray at the moment. Meanwhile I will be shifting more towards yoga – I will be trying Hot Bikram Yoga. Can’t wait :)
  2. The craziness of running has  moved to other part of my life: a professional one! I am loving every single minute of new challenges, however the process of transition is ahead of me (I hope to write more about the transition very soon) and I want to be prepared to make a smooth transition.
  3. I can’t help myself thinking that the energy you sent to the world is getting back to you, surprising you with things that were unreachable at some point. Now, I am not saying that if you complete a triathlon you become a millionaire the next day, but the extra effort you do will definitely profit you in the future. I just saw the evidence. Sometimes however we don’t really know what we want and then it becomes even more challenging. During the times of doubt & anxiety, I strongly recommend you do something. Do something that you love, might be a hobby, choose a challenge for yourself and stick to it. This will build some kind of framework that will keep you going through the times when all you know is unknown.

Now that there is no running in my life (I hope to shorten it as much as I will be able)

I still stay active anyway:

My friends are coming to visit me from Poland next week.

My place action-redecoration continues.

My wardrobe re-vamp is happening.

I am waiting to become an aunt – any time soon :-) !!!

My professional focus will shift more into negotiations and leadership’s direction. 

How are you getting on with your life? What are your plans for the next few months?


2 thoughts on “Silence After The Storm

  1. It sounds like you have some good things planned even if you aren’t running now! I want to lose a few pounds and then do a wardrobe revamp of my own at the end of the summer.

    1. But I wish to run :( I miss it so much! I lost 5-6 kg just by training to the marathon and it still stays the same. Plus my body definitely got in shape ;)

      How few pounds you want to lose? Wardrobe re-vamp always sounds fantastic!!!

      However I recently bought few bits and pieces and my wardrobe is so packed :( I guess for each new item bought I should give away one of the old ones

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