How My Passion Found Me Again – Guest Post by Tracie Louise

I think I was born with creativity running through my veins…  but for over 3 decades, I was an artist without a medium.  I tried many things over the years, from art and craft, to drawing and painting, and even writing.  But nothing seemed to gel.  I always loved photography, from the very first instamatic I took away on 4th grade camp, to the High Schools 35mm SLR, I borrowed and played official school reporter, recording all the most important scholastic events.  At one point in my early 20’s, I even imaged that I might be able to be a photographer.  I went to the Photography Institute to inquire about enrolment, but backed out at the last minute, for fear of not being able to make the grade.

In the years to come I still loved to snap things on holidays.  I never really understood the point of going somewhere different and exciting unless you were going to photograph it.  I thought I was just recording the events of my life… I still didn’t see that this is what I was born to do.  Any time I saw a person without a camera, I just didn’t get it.  I still don’t.

Finally at age 45.  My youngest son bought himself a digital SLR.  I was excited for him, and secretly envious of his new purchase. I borrowed it every chance I could, just to experiment and take pictures in my garden.  Finally my son decided that he was never going to get the same enjoyment out of the camera that I was, and he allowed me to have it.  I was so excited.  
A few months later my husband and I went on a trip to the USA.  I was snapping everything in sight, naturally.  We stopped at several of those Tourist Information Centres and took brochures away with us.  Whilst riffling through the pages of the glossy tourist magazines,  a thought occurred to me…. someone is taking those pictures!  Why couldn’t that someone be me?
I came back home to Australia and started Tracie Louise Photography.
 That was 15 months ago.  In that time, I have eaten, slept, breathed, and absorbed all things photographic.  My style has developed into something hopefully a little unique and definitely much more artistic than it once was.  It’s still early days for me yet.  But to say that I have found my passion would be an understatement of epic proportions.  I spent literally decades trying to figure out what I was “meant” to be doing with my life, when it was under my nose the entire time.  Finally a clarity that only comes with hindsight.
And this experience of not discovering my passion until relatively later in life, pushes me to inspire others to find theirs, much sooner.  I have never had a dream before, a goal, a mission.  And so I am driven by the idea of influencing others to reach for their own stars, whatever they may be.  Whether you are a teenager or you are in your 80’s, it is never to late to peruse a dream, to be all that you were meant to be.  My hope is that my images inspire others to seek beauty where they might not otherwise see it.  And to share a little of myself and the way that I look at things along the way.”
Note from Agatha: For more pictures please visit , I also recommend you Tracie’s blog!

17 thoughts on “How My Passion Found Me Again – Guest Post by Tracie Louise

    1. Whilst I very much wish I had started 30 years ago… better late than never I say :) And my deepest wish is that I inspire others to start much MUCH sooner, to chase their own dreams.

  1. Thank you, Agatha for asking Tracie to guest-post. I will look around shortly. But first I wanted to thank Tracie, too, whom I’ve been following since day one of my own blog. Tracie, I love your images and now, to learn this about you just amazes me. Like you, I’ve always had a creative streak. At ages 12 through 14 it was the saxaphone. In high school it was theater. In college, theater and writing. Then everything was set aside for family. You might think that flitting from one art form to another is proof of a short attention span. But after reading your words I realize that I didn’t stick with any of these outlets because they were all too much like work. Not fun or enjoyable. With photography, newly acquired at age 61, I have found my passion. I don’t kid myself that I have even one finger’s worth of talent that you have, but now I do have aspirations. And I see all things differently now. With my wife, who stands patiently by my side and who often makes suggestions for a shot, we travel with our constant companion, my Canon dslr. And the only art we now hang at home are the photos we take together. Sorry for being so long-winded, Agatha. Feel free to edit this, just wanted Tracie to know how much her words, and photos, mean to me!

    1. My pleasure to have you comment :) And yes Tracie is a fantastic and very inspiriting person! I am sure she will replay to you here an time soon.

    2. I thank you SO much for your wonderful reply. I can relate exactly with what you say. I plan to travel with hubby in a few years when he retires and photograph as much of our beautiful country as we can manage. Jack is also very patient with me, as I can take hours over getting a shot just right. I am SO glad you found your passion. It’s what life is all about. And I bless you for sharing this with me. xxoo

  2. Wonderful to read about – how you started … and what you have grown into. You can be .. and I know you’re very proud of yourself – of course you should blow your own trumpet and talk about your journey – you are a fantastic photographer … and your job is outstanding. You borrow with a gentle and give back beauty. So glad to take part of this …

      1. Tracie, you have done an amazing journey and you’re worth all the praise. You are very good on what you’re doing.

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