#Fashion: Peplum Top

Recently one of my favourite outfits are those peplum ones – whatever it is a peplum top or a peplum dress. It is feminine and what most importantly classic and can serve you during business meetings or office hours as well.

I decided to get peplum top:) Because it is summer I crossed out a black colour straight away and chose this beautiful mint texture peplum outfit from asos.com:

Now the only thing left is the skirt. 

Any suggestions for the skirt colour? Just not black please ;) If you have found a great skirt somewhere and you think it will go well with this peplum top just please paste a link in comment section. I NEED YOU HELP!


from sunny London

3 thoughts on “#Fashion: Peplum Top

  1. Black skirt is always good but for more energy in summer try with the white skirt or cobalt blue:) Grey skirt may also look nice but for more official situations. Good luck – when you decide show us:)

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