Sunday Picnic :)

I am finally back! 6 days have already passed since my last post – and it seems like ages for me. While I was away from blogging for a while some of you have asked me for the Quinoa Chocolate Cake recipe. Stay tuned as I will post it this week!

There are  few reasons behind my recent absent: I am under the period of transition as I have recently changed my job. I am so excited to embark upon new responsibilities and looking forward to new challenges. Moreover, last Thursday I have become an aunt ♥ !!! I can’t wait to see little beautiful Hannah and her parents – very close friends of mine. 

Also, last week I hosted my friends from Poland and I was so excited they found time and energy to visit us! We had such a great time ♥ Here is a glimpse of those days…

I already miss you guys!

My life is recently up side down – in a positive way though :) My knee pain still does not allow me to run and I won’t try again unless I make a test to assess which trainers are ideal for me. I regret so much not doing it before the marathon. I am also changing the gym and I did not have time yet to visit new facilities. Therefore my workouts suffer a little. I would love to kick off running as soon as I can and would love to do Yoga on more regular basis. It is good to have a break but now I miss running sessions so much! I am looking forward to start running to work :) How is your fitness? Any exciting workouts?

With all the craziness of those last two weeks Sunday was a day just for me :) Plus finally we have summer in London. To make the most of the weather we had a picnic in Blackheath – soooo relaxing :)

Chilled rose wine…

and then an empty plate

turned into a picnic feast:)

That’s pretty much what is happening in my life ;)

How was your weekend?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Picnic :)

  1. Thanks a lot again for a wonderful time in London – now I’m waiting for you in Warsaw:) I promise I’ll do also a lot of pictures.

      1. Going well–except for the diet :(

        But otherwise enjoying a nice summer! Coming back gradually to ballet has really helped my knee (knock wood), and I’m hoping to step it up a bit more when I get back from vacation.

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