Fashion Inspiration

Happy Jubilee Everyone :)

Long weekend has commenced, celebrations and picnics kicked off and I am more than happy to find some time just for myself.

I wake up quite early considering my famous love affair with sleeping, ate my breakfast while reading the paper. Finally I found some time to read :) Then after hanging around I had my power nap :) Such an idyllic moments ;)

Today it is all so peaceful and I am in the middle enjoying my coffee, choosing dresses and shoes :) I am having the lasted Vogue by my site for some inspiration!

Now there is a thing: when I buy Vogue and browse it for the first time still smelling the freshly printed paper I see not much of a content – pages of pictures, few dresses with price tag of £1,000-£3,000. 

But when I am in need of fashion inspiration I open the magazine once again and I must say I find so many ideas for that perfect outfit  I am even surprised myself ;) 

Tomorrow I am heading shopping :-) 

She’s playful, the boring would warn you 
Be careful of her brigade 
In order to tame this relentless marauder 
Move away from the parade 
And she was walking on the tables in the glasshouse 
Endearingly bedraggled in the wind 
Subtle in her method of seduction 
Twenty little tragedies begin …

I ♥ this song!

Wish you all  a fantastic weekend ♥ !!!


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