I Became an Aunt

…to a very special little baby girl – Hanna – daughter of my life-long friend. 

Yes life-long friend, because me & Magda met when we were about 4-5 years old, maybe even earlier but I can recall things happening only after 4 years from the moment I appeared on this planet ;)

Then we end up in the same high school, attending crazy parties between our private English-language classes, listening to each other adventurous stories which details I won’t get into ;)

Now things have changed a little bit. We still have adventurous and crazy times – now with Hanna:)

We met yesterday for a cup of coffee in Blackheath. Recently I have been busy at work, Magda as well with Hania so the prospect of meeting for a coffee seemed fantastic.

All I remember is my soya cappuccino that I was waiting for the entire 10min. Service in Costa was super-duper slow. Spilled peppermint tea, action possible – “mummy I am hungry” and a priceless Hanna’s smile :) 

I am waiting for you girls next weekend :)))


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