Procrastination Vs Decision Making

Why is that we tend to postpone and procrastinate until it is too late? Is that human nature who likes to risk? Or are we unaware of the consequences to such extent that we accept the status quo as our a daily bread?

Or is that our laziness is embedded deep down in our habits?

I had been postponing and I had been taking decisions. The latter was always a better choice.

You will be happier taking decisions

You will be lighter taking decisions

You will be definitely wiser!

Whatever bad or good implications result from your decision you will learn. That, will take you to the next level of understanding whatever it is – human nature, legal procedure, your personal relationship.

Don’t postpone. Don’t procrastinate.

If you are too busy, ask for help.

If you lack motivation seek out a mentor.

Do something but never postpone either procrastinate.

It is not worth.


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