Getting Back to My Lifestyle

The recent two months have seen me withdrawing from running and doing any sports I used to practice. Firstly, this was because of  the perfect day back in May 2012 when I had a job interview followed by a job offer :) The two weeks following that day has changed my life completely – for better. More opportunities on the horizon is exactly what I needed. Secondly, it was also a time when running was not present in my daily life any more due to a stubborn knee pain (I avoid saying injury). However it all worked out perfectly as I had more energy to focus on a career transition, so I was not sitting around and picking my nose ;) 

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For the sake of reference – I do believe that even in the times of transition workout is as important as during our daily routine; it keeps the mind clear and eliminate the stress.

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It all seemed to be going into a good direction and I was ready to kick off running again, but then the unexpected happened. Our Eddy got a nasty virus;  hehas been fighting almost 3 weeks now. It looks like there is a light in a tunnel however we still need to stick to everyday injections, visits to the vet, check-up and prays. This was surely  a hard time in a totally different sense. We saw him suffer, losing so much weight, timing the gaps between the breathing crisis during the night and praying that he will make it until the morning knowing that you can’t really help. If I have a hard time I know what helps. We do hope that he slowly recovers.

With all this recent craziness, I believe I can start doing some workout this week. My plan is to kick off Bikram Yoga. The studio is based next to my work, so I can practice Yoga before or after work. Classes last for 90 min which makes me happy as 60 min is not enough for me. I also plan to get back on the road as soon as I can, so stay tuned – soon some running posts.

Here’s what I aim to become – flexible and strong at the same time :)

For Sunday lunch Luis grilled sardines. It reminded me of our holidays  in Portugal.

 Grilled sardines full of omega-3.

Yummy lunch with a glass of rose…

I had a relaxing Sunday evening. I finished reading “The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. My next pick is Steve Jobs. 

Plus we have received a very good news from the University of Coimbra. Luis’ essay on “Gender, Music and Globalisation” will be most certainly published. Just a last touch is needed. Congrats Love!!! 

University of Coimbra

How was your Sunday? Any workouts?


One thought on “Getting Back to My Lifestyle

  1. Is your cat doing well now?
    Congrats to you for the new Job, and to Luís for his essay at the University.
    the summer is late This year, but i am sure that in september it will be great ;)

    Kiss kiss Dear Gata

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