Monday Update and Bikram Yoga

Monday started with…a bowl of strawberries topped with organic soya yoghurt and almond butter. It was so good. All followed by an espresso! I was ready to kick off another busy week.

I love Mondays! I am in this category of people who even if I rest I need to be doing something: blogging, reading, chatting, planning, researching. Obviously there is time when we all need a proper rest. In my case it will be a nap or a good night of sleep. Then I ready to kick off again. 

For Lunch I had a Wasabi sushi box including

6 salmon nigiri with french beans, wakame and mixed salad. I still had some room for a dessert: read beans pancake. It was sweet but light at the same time. Perfect combination! 

Then suddenly, I was falling asleep in front of my desk! I could not believe my eyes – they were so heavy. Another coffee was straight on the way!

Then time went so fast I was pretty surprised when I realized it was already 6 pm. It was time for our chatty evening in a French restaurant Le Relais de Venise in Canary Wharf.

First a starter.

Followed by a  main course  – steak with a special sauce which recipe  remains a closely guarded family secret of Mme Godillot, the daughter of M de Saurs who was the founder of Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte in Paris.  Over the years, many have tried to replicate the sauce but none have succeeded. All served with chips.

Middle way, there was a top up so I end up so full there was no way I could fit a dessert. My eyes however did :)

Apparently the night did not finish as soon as I expected. I end up meeting Luis in Greenwich seeing restored Cutty Sark for the first time after it was damaged by a fire. Just look at that!

Plus some Portuguese drinks.

As a result, Tuesday morning was not easy. I pressed snooze so many time I almost lost my train. Strong espresso from Starbucks helped :-)

Breakfast was pretty much the same as on Monday. I added some nuts to make it nutritionally richer. 

Few hours later a quite quick but not really exciting lunch:

Subway turkey breast and ham sandwich toasted with cheese.

I also managed to get a lovely pinkish long pleated skirt – it will suit both a city life and a beach holidays:)

Most importantly, however, I sign up for an intro offer for Bikram Yoga classes.

Intro offer will allow me to practice up to once a day for 20 consecutive days. I think it is a great idea! I will have a chance to find out if Bikram is what I am looking while still not paying a full price. My first class is hopefully on Thursday – report on L.INC. just after the class. I can’t wait!

Dinner was pork & chicken stew with pasta. 

Sauce was soooo tasty!

Another positive and fruitful day is gone. Eddy is doing just fine and we are slowly taking him off the daily injections. We are so happy he is getting better! 

Tomorrow another busy and fantastic day:)

Have a good night of sleep everyone!

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