Getting fitted for a pair of shoes at Nike Town

Wednesday’s lunch was so yummy…

I took the ingredients from home and assembles a goat’s cheese salad – Abel&Cole-ing :) Some time after the lunch I felt like something sweet. As I once saw a cheesecake in Tesco I made my mind and went for it!

It was the heaviest cheesecake I have ever eaten in my life. My stomach was not really happy with my choice and gave me a hard time afterwards. Ohh well, next time I will go with Abel  & Cole…lesson learnt!

Dinner was pasta with veg stew from Monday. 

After two days having pasta for dinner I was property loaded on carbs. It would be ideal if I could go for run the next time, but I promised myself I won’t until I get a new par of running shoes – my knee is a priority. 

Evening was a pretty much relaxing with August issue of British Vogue.

I planned to get new running gear a week ago, but since Eddy was sick I did not even have a single minute to think about running. Priorities my friends :) One week on and Eddy is slowly recovering, has a big appetite and is gaining weight. Happy times!

Thursday was my day off. After having a good morning coffee, answering some e-mails and enjoying a little bit of laziness it was time for a quick-lunch.

Having my stomach full I headed to Nike Town to get fitted for a pair of shoes. Timing could not be better. Government has launched a campaign to get ahead of the games and use different means of transport. I might actually consider running :)

An hour later and I was in Oxford Circus. So many tourists and crowded as usual. Oxford Circus is a main shopping street in London.  I remember passing it  by every day while I was still at the Westminster University. Today it brought back my student life’s memories. 

And a final destination…

Treadmill to test my running

It turned out that my left ankle is not as stable as a right one. I was recommended Nice Zoom Vomero+ . Hopefully I now have the ‘right shoes’. Just a different colour that the one below. I got mine in blue.

They are designed for neutral style of running however with proper cushion to provide a better support for your knees and ankles . Exactly what I needed! Plus the service was excellent!

I also get some more gear and what is the most important and what was still missing – a running bra!

After I was properly equipped it was time for some workout! I am kidding ;) I did not join them but it was nice to see those folks sweating out!

Plus an inspiring poster…

Here’s  Paula Radcliffe – women’s world record holder in the marathon with her time of 2:15:25 hours. The 2012 Olympic Women’s Marathon will take place on Sunday, August 5th at 11am and the beauty is that I don’t need a ticket. The route will be between Tower of London and Westminster. Definitely I will be there to see Radcliffe and other athletes. 

After shopping there was a time for a little treat…

… Starbucks soya latte :)

Day finished with some raining …no comments you English weather. Watch out! I am gonna beat you with my new running gear ;)

I am as happy as Luis when he goes fishing. Running & fishing, running  & fishing – our hobbies. I hope those shoes will provide me the support I need for my right knee!

And You, what’s your best running shoes?

3 thoughts on “Getting fitted for a pair of shoes at Nike Town

    1. Hi Inger! Ohh yes I am looking forward:) But watching them running can break my heart as I am still struggling with my knee :(
      How are you going?

      1. I took a tumble (big rock, dark night) and was a bit worried about my knee, but after taking about a week off, I believe that it is just scrapes and bruising (knock wood). So this week, I will be at 3 Intermediate level ballet classes (though I have been leaving a little early)! I am really glad now that I worked back slowly enough when I was hurting (though it was frustrating at the time). Good luck with your knee…

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