Last Friday – Challenging Myself

Yes, I know I know it is Wednesday next week already but I want to tell you about my last Friday.

First thing was a black coffee…

There was not time left for a breakfast so I just picked up a yoghurt on my way to work.

Lunch was my home-made pizza

After work I headed to hot yoga class. It was my first class and after day off working I did not really feel like workout at all and I was trying to find all possible excuses not go but in the end my stubbornness won ;) I was just not aware what was ahead of me !!!

I must say it was very challenging. There were some moments went I felt better and some during which I just wanted to escape and run away! I have been told that if I manage to stay in the room during the entire class it will be a success. So I succeeded!

I had a cold shower straight after class and headed home. While I was waiting for my train I was so relaxed and almost “blissed-out” from practice that a simple though about something more complex that counting minutes till the next train seemed like an impossible task. There was one think on my mind: to crawl  under the blanket!

Once I got home I was starving…

I felt like something refreshing and light so I quickly assembled avocado salad and did tomato and onion sandwich. It was so goooooood! 

As a reward after a busy day at work and hardest yoga I have ever tried, there it was – my new blazer from Zara has arrived! I love online shopping!!!

Coming back to the topic. Questions whether I return to hot yoga remains. I definitely want to try it for few more times, but will I commit myself to long-term hot yoga? That stays unanswered as I need to give myself some time…

Have you ever tried hot yoga? Like It or Hate It?

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