Running! Really?

Finally the running days has arrived. I got my trainers and a back pack ready and headed to work equipped in my running gear to run back home after work. Remind you that I have recently changed my job (if 2 months ago is recently anyway; time flies) so I was excited to try the new route, which included underwater tanel.

I kicked off my day with a shot of espresso. Oh Starbucks I would save few bobs by simply not visiting you so frequently. Luckily it is just an espresso ;)

By the time I got work my stomach was so empty you could hear him screaming. I quickly mixed up strawberry yoghurt with nuts and few strawberries. 

So I was all set up to start answering piling up e-mails…

( source )

For lunch I went for a Sub-Way…

I definitely need to focus more on having a home-made lunch at work. We all love the quick fix but I am not so sure if  my stomach enjoys it;) Lunch was followed up by few candies and a black coffee…just in time to get me going!

Then I was slowly getting excited about my run! As soon as I did what has to be done, I rushed to change into my new gear. Trainers on and then I went: route Canary Wharf – Blackheath approx 6 km. I had the biggest smile on my face since two months ….

…just after 5 min running I started to feel my knee again! I tried to push it out of my mind and not to think about it while running but after I crossed Greenwich Foot Tanel, it is simple an impossible task.

You can see from the 15th minute I was stopping and running, stopping and running. I was so angry you can’t imagine. It is such a good route to be run every day as it is a little bit shorter that the running route from my previous job. Such a perfect opportunity to get my workout done without losing any time during the day! And here I am over-trained with my knee screaming: ENOUGH!

I say enough was 2 months ago after the marathon and I gave my legs a proper rest, but now?!!! I am god-smacked, angry, sad and furious!!! 

As soon as I got home, I started google-ing running knee problems and one term has come up few times and seems to be explaining my pain: iliotibial band syndrome.

( source )

It causes the pain above or below the knee . In my case it is below the knee and the pain occurs immediately during activity and intensifies especially as the foot strikes the ground. The good new is that it is reversible. The bad news are that it will take time and possibly money to get there.

But as Luis says: if she wants something she will do everything to get there. So excuse me iliotibial band syndrome but you not gonna stay here for long!

Anyone experiencing a similar problem?

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