So What Shall I Choose Instead of Running?

I wish I could indulge myself in running and writing about running, new PB-s, new routes and new running gear. I sure I will some time in the future but for this very moment I need to diversity my workouts. I tried hot yoga, which I am still considering. Lately I have been thinking about yoga and power pump. The reason I hesitate is that it is full-time commitment, whereas running I can do instead of commuting. Ah, I would forget: sauna! I am definitely getting back to daily sauna routine – if my schedule allows.

Nevertheless, I will have to choose something. What do you guys recommend instead of running? 

Getting back to Tue morning. I started the day with a power smoothie. 

I mixed half of avocado, blueberries, organic soya milk and 2 slices of melon. Fantastic way to start a day. Followed by a black coffee.

Lunch was Chinese, the as as Monday. I stilled craved meat! This time chicken and black beans.

Tuesday is also a day when our food is being delivered. Last Sunday I ordered veg for juicing. Carrots came all dirty so I had fun ;) washing 5 kg of them. Job has to be done, job has to be done. 

  Box of vegetables

So sweet and tasty fruits

After unpacking, cooking and tidying up, I was enjoying my lovely veg juice – carrots, beetroot, ginger and cucumber! Straight from the fridge :)

So refreshing in this hot London weather.


3 thoughts on “So What Shall I Choose Instead of Running?

  1. If you consider to practice pump quite often – it’s unfortunately bad for the joints so if you have problems with your knees it’s not a good idea:/ Yoga or Pilates gives a lot of positive effects but I believe you’ll also need sth more crazy so maybe dancing;)

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