Lifestyle Addiction & Lazy Weekend

Lazy ? Not so sure but definitely a short weekend for me! 

lazy weekend

There was work on Saturday. I wish I could complain but I enjoy it far too much to grumble about. What I can say though is…

working Saturday

… that’s my friend mug he uses at work! Found it funny :)

Swinging between causal naps, books, another cuppa and news in the background I came across an interesting article in Jan’s British Vogue: ”System Addict” that I kinda identified myself with.


It speaks about our addiction to anti-social media. Whereas I am not on Facebook and Twitter as much, my addiction starts when I get a notification that a  new e-mail has just landed in my inbox – on my iPhone obviously. ”When we receive text or an e-mail, our nervous system responds by giving us a shot of dopamine” writes Sherry Turkle in her book Alone Together. If compared to my every morning espresso shot at Starbucks once a day, I have thousands of  dopamine shots (dopamine is heavily involved in the experience of pleasure) every single day. My iPhone is my right hand. Not to call 112, not to call a friend – ohh definitely not. My other right hand is there to supply pleasure – dopamine pouring out of my eyes! Scary? Yes, but iPhone takes no prisoners – well my inbox being more precise. I recently flew to my hometown and while in the car, my mum start telling me about something and the moment she realised my head was sinking down in my phone she stopped. I was gutted! C’mon I am not talking on my phone, I can still listen to you mum. She refused to talk. I refused to leave my ‘leash’. They are just so old fashion with a slow cozy life – I thought to myself.  Mum you should understand that I have very important e-mails to answer and that I need to stay updated all the time. I was still on the rat-race London life pace.

On another time. Coming back from a lovely lunch at our friend’s he said to me: ”I was really impressed with you. All that time you barely looked at your phone”. Ohh really? Am I so teribble the other days? I must have been as I once told my beautician: ”I am really sorry but I need to have it next to me. Waiting for an important update” Ye ye ye. Another day I found myself answering – the important – phone call during a sport massage. Sport massage – it is like a torture in case you have never experienced it! I tried to have a lovely voice talking about where we are with the current deal but the only thing on my mind was not to shout when physio was trying to sort out my quadriceps.

It is all about adrenaline.

It is all about dopamine.

It is all about happiness.

After answering another e-mail at 3:00 pm today’s afternoon, I will take a stroll. Dopamine release not guaranteed. I will leave my phone at home. I guess it will be a very short walk.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

So when was the last time you left your phone behind?


3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Addiction & Lazy Weekend

  1. I have to admit I understand your mum. Even if you can be focused on 2 things, staring at phone seems to be just rude. I suppose I’m also addicted to e-mail but I hate when someone is staring at phone all the time being with me. I realize it may be hard but it’s worth trying.
    I know you can do it but maybe you don’t want to?;)

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