Information Overload & Allergy

How can help myself when my mobile is switched off (it never happens), TV is broken, cat is sleeping, no one disturbs me and here I am sitting in front of 500 page study book thinking to myself: What the hell ?!

That I will do it  I have no doubt. My questioning starts when I ask: How?  The below seems to be an answer.


Is it really so easy? Yes and no. Yes, because I am still in charge and I can say no to useless evening spend in front of the TV. No, because of the complexity of the subject. It is very easy to get ;  I sometimes can’t recall what was the last chapter about not to mention capturing the big picture of the 500-page brick. Disclaimer: I consider myself intellectually able [;)]

Here’s the solution: iMindMaps6 – Mind Mapping Software. I used to use some other mind maps programme before and I can easily say iMindMaps6 is second to none. It is so easy and quick to draw mind map that I promise you won’t spend hours.

That’s my study plan:

mind map 1

That’s my detailed study plan to which I can add more branches at any time.

mind map 2

and here I can easily see the whole picture:

mind map 3

Let’s keep it simple and transparent. Success guaranteed!

What’s your studying method?

On more personal note: my allergy is back. See here if you want but it is not a pleasant picture. For those of you who suffer from any food intolerance and eczema is the reaction feel free to contact me. I managed to clean my skin completely from eczema 2 years ago however due to eating too much wheat, gluten, eggs, Cow’s milk, onions and yeast my body starts to say enough. So just before Xmas I decided it is time to get back on the diet for approx. 3 months. Now, I won’t dwell too much but it ain’t easy! Wish me luck.

Considering that preparation is the art of success, I have  overnight oats (what, dairy and gluten-free) with sesame seeds, cocoa powder and Soy yogurt ready for tomorrow’s breakfast.


Anyone out there suffering from food intolerance? Please share your story below.


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