Having 2012 such an amazing year I was once concerned that 2013 might not be so great, however all signs indicate that it will be a year of joy, fun, milestones and hard work! Work hard play hard, right? 

So here I am with the first running sessions in 2012. I wanted to start slowly as I still have to monitor my knee very closely. I come from work, changed and off I went for first 5 km.

5km5 km route


It was a very good run considering my last running session was back in August 2012! Can you believe it?!

Finish time wasn’t impressive but this time I was more concerned about the knee. I must say though that I had to cut my need for speed at some point after my legs were warmed up. It felt naturally to speed but injury-free run was most important. To sum up  I can happily say that I have run with zero pain  in my knee!


As you see I run with double protection on my knees to keep them warm. Before the run I also apply Tiger Balm – whatever it helps or not!


I was so happy to be on the road again. I love the feeling!

I aim to run only twice a week. One fairly short run and the second – long run. That’s my plan. Obviously only if right knee behaves! Even Eddy was surprised I went for a run :O


Short run was on Wednesday so long run happened to be on Saturday. I run straight from work. This time I did not feel any pain either :) I was aware that this could change suddenly so it was not a worry-free run, but I need to start somewhere, right? Plus I plan having two physio sessions per month to keep me going alongside hot yoga also twice a month to make me sweat!

13 km route13kmHere’s some of this weekend eats. Luis did lovely soup and I dared to have a enormous sirlon steak!


Steak is one of the best sources of iron. If possible always choose the organic one. Unfortunately mine wasn’t organic this time.


Weekend come with some good news. One of my friend is coming from Warsaw to visit us in February. I am so happy! Things start happening and I finally find myself busy again. Xmas and New Year’s break was definitely too long! This weekend resulted in spring cleaning – the only one thing left are the drawers full of home paperwork. I will sort them out this week!

When I write this post is Sunday evening and I am preparing myself for a busy week. Here’s the workout I plan to do:

Mon: Abs & Yoga

Tue: 6k run & Kettlebells

Wed: Gym & Zumba

Thu: –

Fri: Kettlebells /Long Run

Saturday: Hot Yoga

Sunday: –

How about your workout for this week?

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