Energy Is What I Love

Yellow Everyone !!! How are we doing? Long time no posts on L.INC. All this due to travelling, catching a breath between e-mails, gym workouts and figuring our what next…


My most recent short London break was last week when I got on the plane to Warsaw! We had our girly witch weekend planed long time ago. I was more than pleased to catch up with my girls, spend time chatting and resting. Although I ♥ London and nothing can change it, I need a break from time to time. Everybody needs a break, right?

Plus my friends almost banned me from watching the news! You may not know but I am interested in politics. I have no Polish TV here in London plus I barely have time to watch  news here in UK, so relaxing on the sofa I was eager to watch the news. We did compromise in the end ;)

Another highlight of my Warsaw weekend was meeting my God mother at her workplace. We haven’t seen each other for around 6-7 years so we had plenty to talk about. It was very inspirational reunion as she is the one who loves what she does. It was my pleasure to see how things are managed and developed at her workplace. You know that I do admire independent women, specially those who feel passionate about what they do!

The beauty about independent woman is that she has a choice. It gives her resources to invest her time and money in the project she are interested in. She develops. She has a mission. She starts working towards goals that are important to her! Everybody has different plans and ideas how to live their lives but I truly believe that we are all here to contribute.

simple as that ;)

So I came back from Warsow with extra energy! Energy – never too much :) I am currently studying to pass a professional certificate. There is a lot of legal stuff I have to make myself familiar with but I actually enjoy it. I discovered that law is not boring at all. I very much like it :) I also started studying Russian. I have the best teacher and I am so grateful she found time to teach me!!! Thank you Oksana!

There is also another initiative I got involved in. Congress of Women (Poland) is organising a plebiscite for Polish Woman in UK  which aims to  ‘award of outstanding women who have their activity positively reflected in the mirror of everyday life.’  Feel free to submit the candidature of  Polish women residing in the UK who inspire by being creative, entrepreneurial and successful. Candidates can apply personally or can be nominated by others. Among the nominated candidates of the Congress Committee will choose 10 extraordinary women. The winner will be chosen from the finalists by electronic voting. Completed Nomination Forms must be sent to  until 15 March 2013. For more information please visit the website

It’s a great initiative and feel free to get involved!

It’s 6 am here in London and I am just after my first morning coffee  about to kick off my day. I have a lot of things on my to-do list for today plus two meetings planned. It will be a long day! Let’s bring on :)

extra productive

Do you thing meetings are work are crucial to get things done or they are usually too long and a complete waste of time?  


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