Timing is everything!

The last recent months have been a jungle gym! If by this time last year I was running a marathon, this year I was doing something different but at the same time as challenging. So this year’s “marathon” started with my first investment, this target was set to be achieved by the age of 28;  guess what: success!.  During this “run”, in April, I also co-organised the first Annual Conference of Polish Women in the UK, London 2013. And if you think that this year’s marathon was easier than the real one last year I also had to study hard to  pass my first, out of four, professional exam. I crossed this lat hurdle with a 85% score. Meanwhile, I have been pushing myself to the limits at work so don’t think it’s all about this “marathon”.


I ♥ it! I ♥ to work. I was born to work :)

I just can’t stop. I wish my body wouldn’t have limits – to become invincible – wouldn’t it be so cool heh? One of the areas that I had to give in was workout. I don’t really want to go there in detail but I pretty much sit all day in the office – trying to run around as much as possible but when focused I don’t really wish to have another point to tick on my  to do list :/ Having said that I have reached the point when I cannot stand my life without exercise! I never do what I do feel like doing – and for some time I just did not feel like going out there and run. Plus I hate wish that my knee could be in the best form to run those long distances I crave. That’s another area that needs more attention. I am running 1ok in two weeks. This is scary! Time to stop being lazy, it’s time to do what needs to be done and stretch (I tend to forget how important this is). 


Here are some pictures from the Annual Conference of Polish Women in UK:






‘(…)I remember being young and talking back
I knew what I needed
I was spending all my nights and days laid back day dreaming
But baby I’m a big girl now, so come do something
Told the world I would paint this town
But now — I run this(…)’

p.s. I also got a beautiful bicycle as a birthday present.


One thought on “Timing is everything!

  1. I understand you !!!! Now I have big break of gym but I have to change it as soon as possible. Also I will buy a bicycle this month and I can’t wait fo my first passegiata ;P

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