Once someone famous said ”nothing is certain but death and taxes” but I would add to the list a ‘change’. Our appearance changes even though we don’t notice it consumed by a daily routine. Our motives change as our circumstances change. Change is good! Change make you develop. Makes you stronger and wiser with every single experience you get along the way. Change keep you alive. 

Speaking of change we recently moved place so finally I have my little  library – a corner in a living room – being more honest :) It my corner though and I am loving it.

sen-book-coffee-danangI finally find some time to read – first part of the year was manic and there was no time for down time. I am currently enjoying ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini. He also wrote ‘Kite Runner’ which is my other half favorite book.


I am 1/3 in and indulging myself page by page. The atmosphere of street of Kabul, culture so different from European and historical background make me feel like I am there! Very well written! Great to make you disconnect from daily routine. 

Coming back to daily routine here’s my next hit – smoothies for breakfast. I stock up with frozen fruits so that I don’t have to make any extra efforts in the morning when every single minute counts ;) I usually add three spoons of soy yogurt and agave syrup. Because I don’t like it very chilled, by the time I get to the office it warms up and it is perfect to drink.  

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Plus we are still Abel & Cole-ing and find it perfectly tailored to our needs. No need for wasting our time doing shopping for the whole week and worrying who will bring it home.  Deliveries on Mondays makes it so convenient! Plus the quality food! Worth every single penny.

From more exciting news – there was a weekend in Warsaw with the girls but this will have to wait until the next post.


And here’s what I found about ‘change’


It’s time to renew… welcome to my journey!


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